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Octopus Delicious Satay, in Sabang

wisata aceh

Sabang is famous for its exotic nature, especially coastal tourism. Even if you are interested in diving, Sabang is a paradise of coral reefs in Indonesia. But Sabang was not merely a matter of nature, but a lot of things that can be used as your agenda in doing Aceh especially in Sabang travel. One of them is, you can ...

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Aceh Travel, Diving in Rubiah Island Tasting

The stretch of sea life Indonesia turns out to be harboring thousands of tourist paradise for its domestic and foreign tourists. Here's what terpampar on one of the Islands in the West Sea, Rubiah Island Weh island. Island in Aceh province offers us a view of the sea floor was awesome. Contains a wide variety of marine life unspoiled human ...

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Rubiah Island, Underwater Paradise

Rubiah Island is a small island just of the coast of the famous Pulau Weh island north of Banda Aceh. Around this small 26 hectare island is beautofil underwater paradise. If you descend from the island into the water it is like you are stepping into a a big aquarium with so many colorful fishes and coral. This island is ...

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