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Tari Saman Aceh Culture, Full Of Religious Meaning

Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a very distinctive culture. Aceh culture much which has a very strong religious values, especially influenced by the teachings of Islam which is a religion of the inhabitants. One of the cultures that flourished in the Acehnese and Islamic teachings have the charge that foursquare is the Saman dance is ...

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These facts are important in the art and culture of Aceh

What do we know about culture of aceh? It is unfortunate if we missed information-important information for knowledge, especially about the country itself. Therefore, the following are some important things you need to know from Aceh, particularly in art and culture. With some of these things, will hopefully be an appropriate reference when you will visit the country Porch of ...

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The Importance Of Historical Tourism For Families

Most people consider history to be boring. In fact, this tour has always been synonymous with visits to museums. In fact, if you want traced deeper, there are many tourist areas in Indonesia that could be explored from various sides, including history. In the meantime, this tour will be very important in the understanding of tradition and national character of ...

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Four Important Facts In The History Of Aceh

Don't forget the history of aceh is very long and had a major influence on the country's unity of Indonesia. Even the history of this province very long long before the formation of the Republic of Indonesia. It runs away from the era of the old Kingdom to thrive on the colonial period and grapple with a prolonged conflict to ...

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