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One More Acehnese Food, Adee Cake

Bingkang aroma pandan, or even coconut-scented aroma of chocolate, might be used. What bingkang aroma of fried onions with a distinctive sweet taste? Traditional cake sweet bingkang this kind, can only be found in Aceh, particularly in the area of ​​Pidie Jaya district. His name was not hard to spell, namely Adee cake. This is one of the Acehnese food.

Previously, Adee it can only be found in Pidie and Pidie Jaya district. Even before 2004, Adee cake can only be found on the market in the month of Ramadan alone, or can be sampled in places wedding.

But, since 2005, Adee cake can already be found in other areas, including in the city of Banda Aceh.

Adee cake renowned businessman in Meureudu city, Pidie Jaya, Rosnah, admitted Adee cake business began to flourish after the tsunami Aceh. Many non-governmental organizations (NGO) helping home-based business development for communities affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh. Especially the food business such as Adee cake as Achenese food.

The Aceh provincial capital, Banda Aceh alone, Adee, is now so easy to find, even a cake with a soft texture, savory, sweet, and flavorful fried onions is often a companion confectionary drink coffee in many coffee shops in Banda Aceh.

Adee processing, it is not difficult. The important thing alloys dough should be fit, then a cake baked in the oven. If the past is usually burned in an iron pan or called by Neuleuk, the grills are made of fireproof pan.

Neuluek is then inserted into the sand basin as a conductor of heat, which is then covered with zinc, and in part it was given embers.

“The dough is cooked with Neuleuk Adee will feel more fragrant and more savory. Just a longer cooking time if compared to the oven, “says Husni

Business souvenirs for Acehnese food

Typical food enthusiasts Aceh is very diverse, from local and foreign tourists. From the recognition of a trader cake Adee in Banda Aceh, the day he could sell as many as 50-60 Adee cake pan to a small size.

And cakes Adee, now also the target to serve as a souvenir after the tour in Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, and Sabang. Aceh is quite typical food in moist cake, meaning not durable. So, try to keep in the refrigerator so that can hold up to 5 days.

There are also many tourists who’ve been to Aceh, ordering cakes via telephone, such as Gorontalo Province, Kalimantan, Jakarta, and Medan. Price per pan Rp.17 thousand small size, but they are willing to add the shipping cost to be able to enjoy a typical meal Aceh with his family.

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