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Octopus Delicious Satay, in Sabang

Sabang is famous for its exotic nature, especially coastal tourism. Even if you are interested in diving, Sabang is a paradise of coral reefs in Indonesia.

But Sabang was not merely a matter of nature, but a lot of things that can be used as your agenda in doing Aceh especially in Sabang travel. One of them is, you can taste octopus skewers.

As the name suggests, this sate is made of octopus sea. Texture of the meat was soft, chewy added with spices on the tongue, making your tourist activities in Aceh Sabang so delicious.

Needless to hard to find the location of this octopus satay seller in Sabang. You can find it in the People’s tastes Hawker Center (Food Court) which is the center of the market town of Sabang. If you want to enjoy the octopus skewers with natural atmosphere and pampered with sea views, come to the park Culinary Tourism. Here a lot of variety of food choice.

Not many other tourist locations Aceh, even to say there is no other location in Aceh, which serves octopus as a satay. This is because there are many sea areas of Sabang octopus. The fishermen’s catch of octopus and then sell it to the merchant satay.

According to some experts, the octopus is very good for health. For those who are concerned about cholesterol levels, octopus contains Niacin which can be relied upon to prevent heart attacks and lowering cholesterol levels. In addition, Vitamin B12 is therein also useful to regulate the function of the brain, nervous system and blood formation, potassium, phosphorus even selenium.

And what about the nutritional ..? In every 100 grams of meat octopus, consisting of Fat (g): 1.24, Carbohydrate (g): 2.20, Protein (g): 14.91, Calories (gr): 82.

Aceh Travel Offers Festive

Many people worry that travel in Aceh must pay expensive to enjoy culinary. Do not worry about this octopus skewers you can enjoy for only Rp. 10,000 per serving.

Intrigued with delicious meat satay octopus ..? let to Sabang 🙂

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