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Enjoy Gayo Original Coffee Flavor, Direct from Provenance

Traveling it is not complete without tasting the typical cuisine of the local area. Not only when traveling abroad alone, but when we traveled in the entire region of Indonesia was definitely have a distinctive culinary in each region. Including when we visited the Verandah of Mecca, Aceh. Region Sumatra, including Aceh does have an interesting culinary flavors, as well as with Aceh which also has a very famous with a wide variety of very delicious culinary, such as Mie Aceh is already very well known. In addition, there are many more culinary Aceh are worth a try, such as Gayo which has a unique flavor that is different from other coffees. Of course, you also have to try it, especially if you try it directly from origin. It must be very distinctive and different.

Aceh coffee distinctive taste

Acehnese coffee is already very famous because it has the quality and taste of the coffee is pretty good. The quality of the coffee was very superior Aceh, including for types of Gayo which has also been very popular, not only in Aceh but also throughout Indonesia, even the world. Of course, the region is the origin of Gayo. The region is a plateau region where this coffee production. Central Highlands region is indeed a very large coffee plantations which have existed since 1908 or the Dutch colonial period. In the region produced many types of arabica coffee with already very famous. Results Gayo coffee from this region became the largest in the whole of Southeast Asia. The coffee name was actually derived from the original or in the name of tribal land Gayo. Most of Gayo indeed works as a coffee farmer. Because of enormous prestige, this coffee is currently developed in some regions in the Aceh region.

Gayo coffee flavour

Gayo coffee is known for a very distinctive flavor. No wonder if C. Davidson, who is an expert taste testers particularly coffee, have acknowledged going to the peculiarities of the coffee flavor of this Gayo land. This coffee does have a distinctive taste, the taste of savory and coffee fragrance also dominates the typical flavors of coffee archipelago Aceh. In fact, bitter taste was not too much felt in this coffee. If we usually enjoy a coffee with a bitter taste that is often left behind in our tongue, then drink coffee we will not feel the sensation. Quite unique is not it? For this reason, enjoy Gayo and the original or directly from Aceh is mandatory that we should try when we visited Aceh. Although coffee is now everywhere, but the sensation would be much different if we enjoy it directly in the place of origin.

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