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  • Sie Rebouh (Daging Rebus)

Culinary So Mandatory Activities Visit Aceh

Typical menu option

Travelling to an area certainly is not complete if you do not taste the typical food of the area. This also happens when you pay a visit to Aceh. Visit Aceh this time to give a list of culinary travel shame to miss. Distinctive food will arouse your appetite for dining continue eating. Here are some typical food Aceh that we recommend to you:

• Mie Aceh

Spicy foods are already very familiar to the people of Indonesia, because it is easy to find. The taste is spicy with a mix of fresh vegetables as well as meat and seafood additional make you unstoppable appetite.

• Chicken catch

Visit Aceh trip this time offers a menu of chicken processed differently than usual. Marinated chicken that has been processed to be fried with spices leaves. Have imagined this is not how get a delicious meal.

• Sambai udeueng

Sambai udeueng is a condiment made from a mixture of shrimp, chili, onion and starfruit. Spicy taste very favored by the people of Aceh. That is why you will be offered this cuisine when traveling visit Aceh.

• Keumamah

Loss for processed tuna highly favors? Keumamah was the most appropriate choice. The food is made from minced tuna that has been dried, then mixed with potatoes, green peppers, coconut milk and various types of other spices.

• Gule pli’u

Spicy food one is quite unique, because it is made from a mixture of coconut that has been decomposed. Materials used are usually a wide variety of fresh vegetables and spices typical of the surrounding community.

• starch slurry Rumbi

This porridge made from rice that has been coarsely ground and then mixed with some kind of spices. The way of presentation is quite unique, because it can be mixed with seafood or meat as desired.

• Sie Reuboh

Processed meat lovers will be spoiled with this one menu. The reason this has boiled meats fresh sour taste of the vinegar mixture is added. Not only is vinegar, various spices will be incorporated into the refined menu this one.

Pleasant holiday destination

Needless to far indeed to enjoy holidays abroad like quality. Indonesia still keeps diverse areas that can get into your holiday destination list. One of them is certainly Aceh which has a variety of infinite charm. Ranging from underwater scenery up culinary high flavor. Nothing wrong if the program is driven by the government’s Aceh visit around, the article you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Indonesia’s westernmost province.

The food is typical of the province will be able to make your resonated for immediate re-ringing again. With accommodation that is not too costly, Aceh became the most impressive tourist destinations than Bali. You will be spoiled with a culinary tour that was never imagined before. Try the unusual menu were exceptional taste, of course, with a budget that is affordable. Visit Aceh will become one of the most enjoyable moments for your holidays or family.

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