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Attractions and Culinary Mandatory Enjoyed When Vacationing To Aceh

When feeling tired and bored with the routine activities that are carried out every day of course make these activities resolved with less than the maximum, it is due to run and finish quality is less the maximum so that the results are also less satisfactory. Therefore, to set the mood and also so eager anymore to run the routine activities that can be resolved with a maximum results, it takes a vacation for a few days to take advantage of moments during the holidays or office or school holidays. Later could be with his family and those closest to vacation together thus making the mind and physical well be more fresh, so will be ready to run as normal and routine activities to produce maximum results because already excited about returning. To choose their own vacation spot you do not need to worry and confused because in Indonesia itself has many attractions and places of interest to visit.

Attractions Aceh

Lots of attractions that can be visited in various regions of Indonesia so you do not need to be confused. One is in Aceh which does have a lot of attractions that need to be visited. Therefore, the following are some of the attractions that you need to go on holiday to Aceh:

1. Baitturahman Mosque

The mosque is arguably become an icon of Banda Aceh because this mosque is very famous and it is located itself in Banda Aceh and became the center of religious knowledge of Islam in the archipelago. So it can be used as selection of religious tourism.

2. The Aceh Tsunami Museum

Since the tsunami, tsunami museum was built so that people who come to the museum to know how powerful the tsunami at that time.

3. Leuser National Park in Aceh

This National Park contains many kinds of animals like the zoo and the atmosphere is also very beautiful and green. Green trees make the atmosphere as well as being very beautiful scenery and cool. So if in your holiday to take the children, the place is very suitable be selected.

Culinary that must be tasted

Besides visiting the attractions with its views and beautiful objects, it helps if you also enjoy culinary tasting and typical of Aceh, as for some culinary you must try during a visit to Aceh as keumamah which is one of the traditional foods of Aceh made from tuna fish boiled and dried and then sliced into small pieces, then no chicken catching a leaf marinated chicken and fried spices and food is very famous in Aceh there are also curry dishes Pli’U is very unique because vegetables cooked using coconut flavoring already decomposed.

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