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7 Acehnese Food Mandatory You Taste

If you are visiting a place, it feels incomplete if you have not tasted the typical food of the area. Similarly, if you pay a visit to Aceh, many Acehnese food. Following are seven distinctive Acehnese food that you must taste when visiting Aceh.

1. Keumamah

Often called the wooden fish, a traditional food of Aceh are most in demand by the people of Aceh. Besides having a delicious and unique taste, the fish is made from tuna that has been boiled, then dried and cut into small slices.
Ordinary cooked using coconut milk, potatoes, green peppers and other spices. Wooden fish is durable to take long trips, so it can be used as stock in transit. During the Aceh war against the Dutch in the forest, type of food is very famous because it is very easy to carry and cooked.

2. Sie Reuboh

Sie Reboh Vinegar is boiled meat cooked with spices are blended then add vinegar, causing a sour taste fresh. Usually use mutton and beef. More delicious eaten while warm. The food comes from the district of Aceh Besar.

3. Gule Pli ‘U

This Acehnese food made of various vegetables cooked with spices typical that Pli’U (coconut that has been decomposed).

4. Chicken Catch

Catch the chicken is very famous in Aceh. Food dish which is very interesting one, namely fried marinated chicken joint that leaves spice aromatic and appetizing.

5. Sambai Udeueng

Not steady it if eaten without sauce. The Acehnese have many kinds of chili, one of them Sambal Udeueng or known by Cicah Udeueng, some people call it Acid Udeung Aceh. Made of mashed shrimp with some spices such as cayenne pepper, red onion and a bit of starfruit to add fresh flavor.

6. The slurry Kanji Rumbi

Kanji Rumbi made of coarse crushed fluffier rice, then boiled and mixed with spices such as coriander, pepper, onion, ginger, nutmeg and anise. This Acehnese food is usually served with chicken and shrimp, if desired there are also served with boiled eggs on it.

7. Mie Aceh

Surely you are familiar with this Acehnese food. Because outside of Aceh has many stall selling noodles Aceh. For lovers of spicy dishes, Mie Aceh should be attempted. Mixed with fresh vegetables and spices such as garlic, onion, chilli and others. Mie Aceh has a delicious flavor and challenging. Ordinary mixed with crab, shrimp, eggs, octopus and beef

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