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A row of beautiful beach in Aceh should be visited!

If you are interested in traveling and beaches, then certainly visit the beautiful beaches that exist in Aceh is a must. In the site you will not only enjoy the natural beauty of God's creation, but you will also be able to feel the serenity by listening to the sound of the sea waves and also the coconut tree leaves dendang waving lambai in inflatable wind. You will also be able to get rid of the stress and pressure of a variety of your daily routine. Then if you are visiting Aceh, kemanakah should be on vacation to the beach in the beautiful and fascinating?

Beautiful beaches in Sabang

sabang beaches

Iboih Beach, Sabang

One of the beautiful beaches of enchanting nan must-see is the beach, Iboih. The beach is located in the northernmost tip of Sabang, Aceh has a beach with white sand and beautiful seaside plants also are green and lush. And for those of you who love sports under water, do not miss the opportunity to explore the underwater world with diving in the sea area of paradise. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful underwater paradise with the color blue and the sea water is clean and the fish are dancing under the water with snorkeling equipment for rent around the beach. Many beaches in Sabang which is very beautiful and worth a visit such as beach Stone Tokong and also the coast of Rubiah island.

The mainstay of the island's beautiful beaches are Sabang beach is the other Three Wells that were touted as his Hawaiian island of Sabang sightseeing because the area is very similar to one of the States of the United States. For those of you interested in the beautiful Sunrise, don't miss to get the charm of the most beautiful sunrise on the coast of the three Wells. Bored with white sandy beaches, Sabang Beach also has a black Anoi is about 13 km from the city centre at Sabang. The next beach is very pretty in Sabang that you can visit is the beach of love which is the most appropriate location to enjoy the sinking Sun.

Other Beautiful Beaches

The Beautiful Beach Of Lampuuk

Lampuuk Beach, Aceh Besar

For those of you who didn't get into Sabang and only had the opportunity to tour around Aceh's capital, Banda Aceh, then you do not need to be discouraged. With only traveled about 45 minutes then you will be able to find a beautiful beach near the capital of Aceh. The name of the beach is the Lampuuk Beach located in Aceh Besar. The beauty of this beach is white sand extending wide and clear sea water combined with views of the green mountains in the distance. Tired of enjoying the beauty of the beach you can enjoy a game of beach has to offer, including banana boat.

Still around Banda Aceh, located about 20 km from the capital city of Aceh, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Lhok Nga which has a row of beautiful rolling hills. In this place you can do snorkeling, diving, swimming and sunbathing as well. Don't forget the wonderful beaches, the beach of Puteh Batte Suak Ribee in Meulaboh, West Aceh and also captivating beaches scattered in Aceh. Beach lovers will be sated by visiting the beaches.

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