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The style of Adventure Tourism on the coast of Aceh

Aceh became one of the many beach destinations visited by tourists. Unfortunately, after the tsunami disaster at the end of 2004, there were a lot of damaged infrastructure and a decline in interest from tourists who visit. Along with the end of a dismal period for the devastating tsunami, Aceh began building and first settled themselves. The reconstruction period managed to conquer the tragic fact that the tsunami disaster ever claimed losses of about 3.8 trillion rupiah in the beach or fishing.

Diverse Tourist Destinations

Beach tourismThe province is located at the western end of Indonesia Islands contain many beautiful beach destinations and attractive. You can specify the destination among West Coast or the East Coast. Each location offers a variety of exceptional beauty that is not likely to be forgotten. On the West Coast, you can pay a visit to Aceh Jaya, West Aceh, Southwest Aceh, Nagan Raya, Aceh Selatan, Simeulue, Aceh Singkil, Subulussalam and. As for the location of the East Coast, you can go to Pidie, Pidie, Bireuen they, Lhokseumawe, North Aceh, East Aceh and Aceh Tamiang, Langsa. Each consists of a very large selection of appropriate travel destination plan as individuals or groups. Well, don't forget also the wide variety of unique and different style of travel destinations in the archipelago. Well, what can we do in enjoying beaches in Aceh?

Model Adventures

If you have an adventurous spirit, there is nothing wrong to trace the impressive nature of each stretch of the coast of Aceh. Most tourists take a more natural style route. It means that any travellers who have a similar interest in tourism have to travel by way of a avonturir. Well, you can experience it by walking along the forest area that continues to the coast. One example of such options is a model of discovery on the island of Tuangku. Enjoy the beauty of the panorama of the forest with exotic wildlife along the adventure. After that, you will also witness the ecosystem sustainability in forests and beaches are preserved intact by local people. You can do this type of adventure shore excursions together.

The Waves

Generally, the knowledge of surfing or surfing in Bali only. In fact, there are many locations throughout the islands of Indonesia are very potential as a location for surfing. We take only a sample location on the island with a lot of potential waves. Aside from being one of the goals for shore excursions, this location is also frequented by surfers who want to complete their curiosity about the taste of the fierce waves in Aceh. If you don't like it or can't surf, you can watch the action of surfers who are conquering the waves wild beaches. If you are indeed a true surfer, never miss the best opportunity of coastal tourism.

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