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Four Important Facts In The History Of Aceh

Don't forget the history of aceh is very long and had a major influence on the country's unity of Indonesia. Even the history of this province very long long before the formation of the Republic of Indonesia. It runs away from the era of the old Kingdom to thrive on the colonial period and grapple with a prolonged conflict to reconciliation process that has enjoyed until now. However, it is very important to know the important facts related to the history and development of Aceh. Well, what are the facts?

The Changing Of The Name

The first facts you need to know is the name that is experiencing the turn for some time. In the new order period, we knew him as Aceh. Actually, the term began to be applied during the leadership of Sukarno in 1959 and continued until 2001. However, far more people know earlier, Aceh Darussalam. The name is used in 1511 until 1959. Well, after revoking the special terms, the provinces have a name which only Naggroe Aceh Darussalam used for 8 years. Now, we simply call it with Aceh since the year 2009. Well, that's the unique facts associated with the name and the history of aceh.

The History Of The Hindu-Buddhist

Generally, we recognize Aceh as a province with a history of Islamic sultanates. Indeed, it is true it is. But there is another important fact to note is related to the history of aceh. Formerly, Acehnese also known as Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms which now is at a location known as Aceh Besar. Even the development of Hindu-Buddhist never proven very rapidly with several Royal names such as Indra Patra, Indrapuri, Purwa and Indra.

The First Of Islam

As a region with a strong Islamic Sultanate history, many parties are debating the question of the entry of the first Islamic teachings there. The differences are pretty interesting because some say that Islam has entered since the beginning of the Hijri year. Of course, the history of aceh that version got a lot of loud opposition because it is very unlikely given the early revelation of the Prophet Muhammad and the spread of dakwahnya have a very long process. Meanwhile, there is also an opinion stating that Islam started when leadership third Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan. However, perhaps the most logical opinion is the source that says if this region began to apply the teachings of Islam as the Kingdom in the year 225 Hijirah when the Sultanate of Perlak.

The Aceh War

the history of acehIf we know the stories of independence struggle in the Indonesia independence. In fact, the region is already at the first much since colonial times. Recorded in 1873, the Netherlands raise arms against the Sultanate of Aceh. Interestingly, the war between the Netherlands against Aceh apparently seized a very long time with a huge cost. In fact, the Netherlands suffered a huge loss. Well, that's what makes the history of aceh becomes very special.

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