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4 Ways to Overcome Jet Lag

Traveling to distant places and got to experience jet lag is not a pleasant enough experience. Adjust to the time at the destination takes the process, and if we are having an urgent need, it is quite disturbing.

If you intend to travel to distant places and have to deal with jet lag situation, here are tips to overcome it:

1. Drinking water

Usually people tend to consume much coffee on the way to overcome drowsiness, but this will only make you dehydrated. Dehydration is one of the main causes you feel jet lag. Prepare enough water and try to continue to hydration in the body to help overcome the jet lag.

2. Create a sleep pattern

If you expected to make landed in the afternoon, then try to stay awake on the trip, and the rest when he got at the destination, and if the estimated landed in the morning, then try to sleep and rest on the trip. By making this kind of pattern your body is expected to adapt quickly and well.

3. Stretch your legs and arms

Launch the blood flow in the feet and hands you. Occasionally straighten and stand so that does not happen cramps in that section. Because, when cramps occur then it’s hard to overcome jet lag are currently at the destination later.

4. Keep the routine at the destination

When you arrive in the morning, it is not recommended to sleep quickly. Much consumption of mineral water and a cup of coffee and familiarize yourself of usual daily activity. Let your body relax fully in the evening, and avoid the consumption of coffee in the evening.

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